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10 Simple Steps To Safe Your Facebook Profile From Cyber Criminals

Everyday millions of websites hacked by hackers from all over the world. While most of the hackers only hacks for to test their intellectual knowledge about hacking, but some dirty hackers may stole all your personal data.

Today there are more than 2 billion internet users who use Facebook as their social media platform. They use it for creating community, making friends, chatting and much more.

But besides this, Facebook is one of the most hacked site of the world, hackers may not breakdown Facebook but they secretly store your data which you provide to friends and Facebook.  In this article I will give you some common tips to secure your Facebook profile from hackers and crackers or cyber criminals.

1) Use Strong password

Facebook also says to use a strong password to make profile in Facebook. They recommend minimum eight digit password for your ID. Experts says that a strong password with combination of upper-case, lower-case and special characters is as always good for a Facebook profile. It is recommended that you have to change your Facebook password in 3-4 months regularly.

2) Give your phone number to Facebook.

While it is a another security option of Facebook in which it wants your phone number to verify your profile. Facebook hates spammers and fake Ids  so it might ask phone number or email to verify your account. Besides this it is security function of fb as it provides a strong access for changing or recover your password if it was previously hacked or stolen.

3) Don’t send friend request to unknown peoples.

Facebook is a large community to interact with peoples of various fields but you have to limit your search only to your genuine friends. Facebook itself tells that sending friend request to unknown peoples you increase your chance of hacking and you might get blocked from Facebook. See it here.

4) Do not disclose your personal feelings to unknown and fake peoples.

Most of the cyber criminals read your feelings and status to know about your social position and  they might get your highly secret data from your feelings. It is recommended that you have to use privacy settings of Facebook to control your status and post reach to unknown peoples.

5)  Don’t click on links which look like Spam

Most of the Facebook users clicks links in which free recharge or free coupons or something free is stated. We all know that nothing is free in this world. So, keep in mind next time to click on these links as they can stole your personal data like e-mail id or password of your fb account.

6) Don’t use non-trusted apps on Facebook.

Apps are creative functions which are useful for gaming, and entertainment. Most fb users use various games and entertainment apps but here is twist not all the apps of Facebook are secure. Earlier in this month Facebook banned many apps which stole theirs users data and sell to marketing companies.

7) Only upload Low resolutions Pictures to Facebook.

Most of cyber experts tells that we have to use only low resolutions pictures on Facebook. Specially for girls, they must upload low resolutions pictures on facebook, low resolutions pictures are not used in any illegal work like pornography or etc. Use privacy setting of facebook to secure your pictures.

8- Don’t talk to unknown peoples and don’t disclose your secrets.

It is not a technical error but it is a manual error which most of fb users done everyday when they talk or chat to unknown peoples. We recommend you that you must use message filtering on block messages from unknown peoples and only make friends to known and trusted peoples.

9- Use Facebook privacy settings to hide secret data like phone numbers. address and any thing which you like.

Most of the users specially boys commit thus serious mistake in their id. They make their personal phone numbers as a password for Facebook profile. This is a silly mistake but it can create worse effect in your profile. Hackers uses simulations to crack your id. Facebook experts says that we must have hide our secret data to any users like Phone number , address of the home and anything you like.

10- For girls please do not’ upload you personal photographs.

I previously told you that it may be used for illegal activity.  Most of the Facebook profiles with female gender are fake and consists of profile pictures of other girls. Girls, please stop your daily promotion on facebook as it is vulnerable to be used by hackers in any illegal activity.

These are some simple steps to secure your facebook id from hackers or crackers and cyber criminals. I recommend to you that you must have to follow regular trends to secure your facebook profile.

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