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Amazing Facts About The Indian Constitution

Constitution is the holy book of Government. Every government follows constitution to do their fundamentals duties. It is our constitution which gives fundamental rights to us. Learn more about Indian Constitution, Read some interesting and important facts about making, drafting and implementing of Constitution of India. Find out who it was made and implemented on 26 January 1950.

10 Interesting & Important Facts About Indian Constitution

1. The Constitution was adopted on November 26, 1949, while it came into force on January 26, 1950

2. The Constitution of India was handwritten and calligraphed both in English and Hindi.

3. The original copies of the Constitution of India are kept in special helium-filled cases in the Library of the Parliament of India

4.  Indian Constitution is called the bag of borrowings. Its concepts has been borrowed from many countries.

  • The concepts of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were taken from the French constitution
  • The concept of five year plans was taken from the USSR
  • The Directive principles were taken from Ireland
  • The law on which the Supreme Court functions was taken from Japan.
  • The Concept of Parliamentary form of government was taken from British
  • The Concept of Federal structure of government was taken from United States

5. It is the longest written constitution of any independent country in the world.

6. It has 448 articles, 12 schedules and 98 amendments. On the other hand, the American constitution is the shortest.

7. The Constituent Assembly had 284 members, out of which 15 were women. The Drafting Committee submitted the draft in November 1949, after which they took three more years to complete it.

8.  Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is regarded as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution, but it was the Constituent Assembly that worked under Dr Ambedkar and his team that drafted the final copy of the Indian Constitution.

9. On 24 January 1950 Constitution was signed by all 284 members of the committee. On this day “Jan Gan Man” was adopted as National Anthem, “Vande Mataram” as National Song and Lion Capital of Ashoka as National Emblem of India.

10. The Indian Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, which we celebrate as Republic Day Of India.

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