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Apple Is Ready To Unveil New Ipads,Mac – Check The Details

Apple is all set to be in market with an explosion soon with their new devices. With conflicts over some of their previous devices , this time they are now in front of huge consumer base to reveal something about their Ipads and Macs. Let’s see what’s they have !!

A new iPad Pro will be announced today, and the leaks, clues and rumours are coming fast! Here’s what to expect in terms of release date, price, specs, design and more.



Apple has launched one new iPad so far in 2018, but that was the cheap model; creative professionals and rich people are still waiting for a new Pro version. It now seems they won’t have long to wait. The new iPad Pro will soon be upon us, with an event confirmed for tomorrow: 30 October.

All the rumours and leaks suggest we can expect two new iPad Pros with an iPhone XS-inspired design (as indicated by a new icon spotted in iOS 12): edge-to-edge displays, Face ID, and no Home button – but they won’t have a notch.

In this article we gather together all the rumours about new iPad Pro (or possibly ‘iPad X Max’) models for 2018, covering their specs, features, design, pricing and release date. If you’re interested in smaller and cheaper tablets, see our iPad mini 5 rumours, and for buying tips read our iPad buying guide and roundup of the best iPad deals.

New iPad Pro: Price

The iPad Pro 10.5in (2017) starts at £619 in the UK for the 64GB with Wi-Fi model, while the 12.9in model starts at £769. (In the US the prices are $649/$799.) We would expect Apple to pitch its 2018 updates at around the same point.

However, if the design has been radically improved it is possible that the new iPad Pro could cost more than previously – as was the case when Apple introduced the (heavily redesigned) iPhone X in 2017, with the price coming in at over £1,000/$1,000.

Another reason why prices might rise is currency fluctuations. Apple bumped up the prices of most of its products in the UK as the pound weakened following the Brexit referendum result in 2016, and it is possible that prices may rise again while the pound continues to struggle.


It looks like the iPad Pro will take inspiration from the design of the iPhone X – so you can expect smaller bezels, a bigger screen, and no Home button. But what else is likely to change in terms of design?

The following image was ‘leaked’ by Benks who make screen protectors, and it most likely based on leaked dimensions rather than the final unit. But we’ll have to wait and see…


Apple is expected to bring across some of the design changes from the iPhone X to the iPad lineup in 2018 – namely, the removal of the Home button – because of an icon discovered in iOS 12.

New iPad Pro 2018 release date, price & specs: iOS 12 icon

The icon, flagged up by 9to5Mac, has a bezel of consistent size around the edge, rather than larger bezels at top and bottom as in the past; there’s also no Home button – and no notch, which probably means Apple is able to incorporate the Face ID camera and associated components into the bezel at the top of the device.

Note that the bezel of the actual product may be smaller still, and thus closer to the iPhone XS, because icons are sometimes stylised to make them more recognisable.

Bloomberg’s sources back in November 2017 expected “at least one” new iPad model to ditch the Home button and go for an edge-to-edge screen, replacing Touch ID with Face ID.

This image (below) posted by Twitter by Benjamin Geskin seems to indicate that the iPad Pro will have no Home button or notch, if the image is legitimate.

Bigger screen

Thanks to the smaller bezels and the removal of the Home button, you can also expect the screen on the new devices to be bigger.

The current iPad Pro is available in two screen sizes: a 12.9in and a 10.5in version.

It seems that by removing the home button and slimming down the bezels the new iPad Pro model will enable Apple to push the screen size of the 10.5in model closer to 11in.

A Chinese report back in March 2018 claimed that an 11in iPad Pro is on the way, along with the 12.9in version.

That suggests that the larger 12.9in iPad Pro would be no larger than it is currently – but it may be the case that Apple is able to make the dimensions of that model smaller while still accommodating the larger screen.



Smaller bezels may mean the iPads themselves can be smaller. A report on Japanese site Macotakara claims the dimensions of the 10.5in model will go from 250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1mm to 247.5 x 178.7 x 6mm, while the 12.9-inch device will shrink from 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9mm to 280 x 215 x 6.4mm.

That suggests the 12.9in model will maintain screen size while shrinking in terms of dimensions, while the smaller model will gain a larger screen without getting much bigger.

The iPad Pro may also be thinner – an image shared by Ben Geskin, but later deleted, indicates that new iPad Pro will be 5.86mm thick (the current 10.5in model is 6.1mm thick).

The icon found in iOS 12 appeared to hint at a very slight rounding at the corners of the screen, but it was too small to be sure. However, another asset has since been discovered and it seems more conclusive.

The asset is a UI mask for rounding the corners of app interfaces, and its shape is unmistakable.

An image shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter (below) in mid October seemed to indicate that the new iPad Pro could have straight, rather than curved sides. The iPad has had curved sides since 2011 so it seems an unlikely design choice. Geskin later removed the images from Twitter so it seems that they were found not to be legitimate.

It’s possible that Apple could managed to ship AirPower before the end of the year, or some version of it, but if it’s not mentioned at tomorrow’s event that would seem very unlikely. I’ll just say this: It is very, very unusual for an Apple product to simply ghost after being announced to much fanfare.

We’ll be on the ground live-blogging Tuesday’s Apple event, and covering it remotely as well. And if you want to follow along yourself, you can watch it on Apple’s website.

SOURCE – macworld


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