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The trending bodyweight exercises


Calisthenics are bodyweight exercises that you could do almost anywhere and anytime such as Pushups, pullups, squats.

There are a lot of Benefits Of Calisthenics

1. You don’t need to pay the high gym membership fees, or buy the heavy gym equipments. All you need to do is study the variations of the exercises and perform the circuits

2. These exercises use bodyweight to build strength and stamina, unlike weight lifting where you need actual weights for a certain muscle.

3. Getting fit and healthy becomes a lot easier through calithenics. All you need to do is perform the circuits daily to get a toned body and good muscles.

4. You don’t need to go to a gym far away or worry about the time that you are working out at.

5. Moreover this makes your body very fit and flexible

Some exercises such Squats, Push-ups, Pullups are really popular.

This form of working out is the whole new trend nowadays as there are world championships and tournaments of the same

People use their body weights to do a whole lot of variety of exercises.

There are many channels on Youtube and coaches who specifically teaches calithenics nowadays.

There are even a lot of exercises which are discovered in the recent times, such as B.T.B. Pullups, Korean Dips.

These exercises can be used a great way to improve health without putting any money to it.

All you need to do is improve your diet and workout on a daily basis.

There are almost 60 pushup variations and more than 100 pullup variations that are already found. And people actually do it.

The cliched Weight lifting is not really decreasing but the amount of people who do calithenics are increasing everyday.

There are a lot of Apps and Articles you might find on the Internet which mainly focuses on calithenics.

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